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Author, Inventor, Lecturer & Consultant

From Board-Certified orthopedic surgeon to ground-breaking entrepreneur, Dr. Alan M. Reznik is driven by the exploration of new ideas that advance health sciences, venture into artificial intelligence, and, at the heart of it all, help people and organizations achieve their goals.

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Utilizing his professional experience, Dr. Alan Reznik has invented and innovated many procedures, as well as invented surgical instruments and methods. His initial patent work was related to the developing field of sports medicine and arthroscopic surgery. More recently he has been keenly interested in AI and medicine as well as how AI can change the way we think about other problems. To that end, he has created a patented new search engine technology and a search app called TwittleIt. He currently holds 7 U.S. patents.

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Dr. Alan Reznik is an award-winning medical professional and writer. He has written a variety of educational articles for clients and colleagues alike and is also the author of two books. He is on the editorial board for AAOS Now, the news journal for the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons. In addition to his patent work, he has assisted other business ventures in developing new ideas and end-product development.

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As a multi-disciplined professional and investor in several fields, Dr. Alan Reznik plays a number of roles both in his professional career and personal life, supporting, advising, and investing in a multitude of business ventures.

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Tips For Preventing & Treating Common Sports Injuries

From radio and podcast interviews to a YouTube channel that covers a unique mix of interesting subject matter, Dr. Alan Reznik is an innovative creator. His media gallery offers a wide variety of video and audio content for prospective, and current clients as well as fellow colleagues to explore. 

Watch Dr. Alan Reznik as he sits down with Patricia Greenburg, host, author, and renowned nutritionist, to discuss how to prevent common sport injuries and how to treat them.

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