The Knee and Shoulder Handbook

The Keys to a Pain-Free, Active Life


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After reading The Knee and Shoulder Handbook, you will be able to:

  • Identify Common Injuries
    • Detailed imagery to help you determine your injury
  • Strategize for Injury Prevention
    • Expert strategies to prevent joint pain and injury
  • Identify and Prevent Injuries for Your Children
    • Pediatric care advice to keep your kids safe and active


"Dr. Reznik has accomplished an amazing feat of condensing material on common injuries to the knee and shoulder. His ‘orthopaedic novel’ flows in a highly readable fashion. It is perfect for patients seeking both injury prevention and orthopaedic care. Its comprehensive and balanced review makes it equally useful to medical personnel of all specialties." 

- John J. McGraw, MD, FAAOS
Colonel (retired) US Army Medical Corp
Medical Director Emeritus, OrthoTennessee
Member, Tennessee Board of Medical Examiners

"Dr. Reznik provides a perfect source for any patient who wants to be more educated about their knee and shoulder problems. This comprehensive yet concise handbook explains basic and complex topics in an easy-to-understand manner, giving the reader a chance to make their own informed decisions about their health. The book is head and shoulders (and knees) above anything you'll find on Google, and my only hope is that his next publication will focus on the foot and ankle so that I can recommend it to my patients."

- Lance M. Silverman MD, FAAOS
Silverman Ankle & Foot

About the Book

Are you burdened by agonizing chronic pain in your shoulders or knees? Has a past injury changed your normal activity or exercise routine? Why does the issue seem so difficult to pinpoint and resolve?

The Knee and Shoulder Handbook: The Keys to A Pain-Free, Active Life is here to help. This authoritative book—which is filled with dozens of color photographs—educates and empowers you on how to improve and safeguard your orthopedic health. This newly revised and updated edition brings to light the latest in orthopedics and sports medicine. Renowned orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Alan M. Reznik, provides a deep dive into preventative care and explains the mysteries of available surgical and non-surgical treatments. The goal is to help guide you on the best path toward feeling strong and healthy.

Whether you suffer from a locking knee, ligament tear, painful shoulder, tendinitis, bursitis, or joint swelling that just won’t go away, The Knee and Shoulder Handbook is an invaluable tool for educating you on the basics of the best possible orthopedic care.

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Download the Guide to Common Knee Problems

Knee problems can be quite concerning, but understanding these issues can help you make informed decisions about your health. From Meniscus Tears to ACL Tears, learn more in brief layman's terms by downloading Dr. Reznik’s Layman’s Guide to Common Knee Problems today!

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I've Fallen & I CAN Get Up!

A Head-to-Toe Guide for All Ages

In these pages you will learn why people fall, what happens if you do fall, and what can be done to prevent the fall in the first place. You will be more knowledgeable about warning signs of those at risk for falling. We will examine those risk signs of someone who falls, medical conditions that predispose people to falling, how we can correct these problems and the best strategies for fall prevention. We will discuss how to make your home as fall-proof as possible, how to reduce fracture risks in general, what to look for in a loved one at risk for falling and how to best help them stay out of the emergency room and my operating room. Most importantly we will teach you some simple exercises to improve your general health, physical fitness and sport performance all while reducing your risk of falling.

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About the Author

Alan M. Reznik, MD, MBA, FAAOS, is a Board-Certified orthopedic surgeon specializing in Arthroscopic Surgery and Sports Medicine. Connecticut Magazine has named him a “Top Doc” for more than two decades. He is also recognized as one of “America’s Top Physicians” by the Consumer’s Research Council of America. Dr. Reznik has served as team physician for the US Tennis Open and the New Haven Knights Professional Hockey Team. Widely published with over sixty journal articles, Dr. Reznik is also the author of I’ve Fallen, and I Can Get Up, a guide to fall risk and prevention. He holds a number of orthopedic patents, and his personal mission is to help readers, patients and concerned family members better understand their own road to recovery by sharing decades of his orthopedic medical knowledge. Dr Reznik’s latest book informs readers how to actively participate in the healing process in order to achieve the best of all possible results. He practices orthopedic surgery in Connecticut.

Dr. Reznik Headshot Picture

Alan M. Reznik, MD, MBA, FAAOS

Pediatric and Adult Sports Medicine

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Reader Testimonial

"After battling knee and shoulder issues for 40 years, I was fascinated by Dr. Reznik’s book.  Despite all the explanations I’ve received from orthopedists and physical therapists, until now I’ve never really understood how knees and shoulders work (and don’t work).  Dr. Reznik explains many of the issues I’ve experienced (and many more I haven’t experienced) in language that’s easy to understand for people outside the medical profession.  I now have a much better understanding of issues such as knee locking, patellar tendonitis, swelling, meniscus tears, and cartilage loss and I understand better many of the treatments I’ve undergone including cortisone shots, physical therapy, and knee replacement.

Perhaps the most important part of the book is the advice to parents on how to prevent childhood injuries from sports.  Dr. Reznik’s explanations of how overuse injuries can evolve into lifelong issues should be a must-read for parents.  I will certainly be buying a copy of this book for each of my children so that they can learn best practices that enable my grandchildren to enjoy sports while minimizing joint problems."

Steven Shwartz, PhD, Author of Evil Robots, Killer Computers, and Other Myths