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Educational Articles on AI in Healthcare, Sports Injury Prevention and More

Author of many educational articles in the field of orthopedics, AI, and sports injury prevention, Dr. Alan Reznik analyzes and reviews the impact of technology on the patient experience, surgical innovations, effective leadership and more. Browse publications and thought leadership on a variety of healthcare topics below.

“In recent years, I have returned to my roots in computer science with an interest in artificial intelligence. This interest resulted in a number of published articles on AI and medicine. The articles include how AI works, its application to medicine, ethical considerations and liability risks. I also hold three patents on a novel user-directed search enhancements and a fourth patent is pending. The goal of the inventions is to improve search results by restoring independence and serendipity to the search process.”

- Dr. Alan Reznik, MD MBA FAAOS


Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Publications

As a prolific researcher and writer, Dr. Alan Reznik has authored numerous educational articles on the intricacies of AI technology and its continuous impact on healthcare. These articles serve as a valuable resource for anyone seeking to understand the ever-evolving landscape of artificial intelligence and its effect on patient and provider experiences. His insightful and in-depth analyses provide all readers with a comprehensive understanding of complex concepts, making it accessible to both novice and expert.

ChatGPT has Healthcare Potential but Needs Guardrails, Surgeon Says

Dr. Alan Reznik connects with Becker's Healthcare to discuss how ChatGPT and other artificial intelligence programs will evolve in healthcare.

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Natural Language Processing Provides Foundation for AI in Medical Diagnoses

Developing technology could lead to AI-based treatment plans for many common orthopaedic problems.

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Evolution Versus Revolution in AI: Why the Distinction?

Explore the development of AI and how AI creep is affecting society. This article also looks at the differences between shallow and deep AI.

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How Would a Computer Diagnose Arthritis on a Radiograph?

Is it possible to replace doctors with AI machines? This article discusses how, using basic AI techniques, an AI machine can diagnose osteoarthritis (OA) and its severity on radiographs.

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Applying the Four Basic Principles of Medical Ethics to Artificial Intelligence

By examining AI through the basic principles of medical ethics, we gain a better understanding of how AI can be used in a beneficial way to examine medical data.

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Explainable AI: How Do We Know What AI Is ‘Thinking’?

This article discusses the "thought" process and strategies of artificial intellignce decision making, particularly how it applies to medicine.

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Ethics in Artificial Intelligence: The Hidden Dangers

This article explains the origins of medical ethics as well as the origins of AI and how the two are in conflict as we develop the ever more powerful AI technology.

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Patient Safety Publications

Dr. Reznik is at the forefront of patient safety, where he’s dedicated his career to understanding, improving, and championing the safety of individuals in healthcare settings. With a wealth of publications that span both academia and practical application, Dr. Reznik's contributions reshape the landscape of patient safety, paving the way for enhanced care protocols.

AAOS Patient Safety Committee Considers Ways to Avoid Harm Through Innovations in Quality and Safety

A roundtable discussion about innovation in quality and safety.

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Kevin Shea, MD, and Jayson Murray, MA, Shed Light on Appropriate Use Criteria 

Dr. Alan Reznik in conversation with AAOS members about the Appropriate Use Criteria and how it is beneficial for medical professionals and patients.

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Putting Yourself in Your Patient's Place

Medical decision making isn’t always easy. A roundtable among members of the AAOS Patient Safety Committee on identifying and addressing patient preferences.

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AAOS Strives to Reduce Surgical Risk with New Online Toolkit

The new online AAOS Surgical Risk Reduction Toolkit (SRR Toolkit) was developed to deliver the best tools and resources to help improve the quality of patient outcomes by managing risks.

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Orthopaedic Publications

Dedicated to enhancing medical knowledge and patient care, Dr. Alan Reznik has authored multiple publications for the field of orthopedics as well as two authoritative books on orthopedics. These books not only reflect his deep-rooted passion for the subject, but also showcase his unwavering commitment to the betterment of the medical community and the well-being of patients. These publications stand as a testament to his meticulous research, vast experience, and innate ability to translate complex medical concepts into easily understandable information.

Understanding the Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Orthopaedic Surgery

This article provides a primer for those who have limited knowledge of AI, its history, and the newest possibilities.

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Orthopaedic Surgeons Weigh In on eSports and Gaming-related Musculoskeletal Injuries

As gaming is becoming more and more popular, unfortunately so are associated musculoskeletal and overuse complaints. This discussion focuses on the clinical perspective of eSports injuries.

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Pre-Game Warm Up: A Vital Component for Pickleball Success

A cold muscle is a muscle at risk. In the bustling world of sports and recreation, the game of pickleball has emerged as a beloved pastime, but one crucial aspect often takes a backseat - the pre-game warm up.

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Debate: Are Ultrasounds Necessary for Routine Knee and Shoulder Injections in the Office?

Two respected sports medicine physicians debate whether ultrasound guidance is necessary for routine knee and shoulder injections.

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The "Root" of All Evil: Mounting Evidence Supports Fixing Meniscal Root Tears

An examination of meniscal root tears and why it has become clear that they need to be fixed in nearly all cases. 

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Workplace Health & Safety Publications

Dr. Reznik's commitment to enhancing clinical settings and workplace well-being shine through for anyone seeking to navigate the complex landscape of health and safety for medical professionals. Whether you're aiming to implement effective protocols, stay informed about the latest industry standards, or simply foster a safer and more productive work environment, these articles illuminate solutions.

Speaking the Same Language

An Editor’s Message examining the discussion surrounding Alan Reznik’s articles about lateral violence in the medical workplace.

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A Top-Down Approach Is Needed to Address Lateral Violence Among Residents

A moderated discussion about lateral violence due to the long hours and stressful working conditions of medical residency and how it can be reduced.

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Long Hours, Insulated Specialties Result in Lateral Violence in Residency

Explore how lateral violence can occur in residency training, with examples from residents in training. Examine the potential negative side effects of residency programs and how they can be corrected.

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Effective Leadership Is Needed to Ensure Quality and Safety in the Workplace

A roundtable discussion about the importance of leadership in establishing a culture of safety in a medical workplace.

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