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With multiple inventions in development and production, Dr. Alan Reznik's contributions continue to advance surgical practices in and out of the healthcare space.

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With over three decades of experience, Dr. Alan Reznik's expertise in arthroscopic techniques for shoulder and knee repair has led to innovative procedures and surgical instrument inventions. Holding 7 U.S. patents, he co-founded XCyclo, LLC., focusing on injectable treatments for arthritis. His inventions, such as the arthroscopic suture grasper (marketed by Johnson & Johnson), and arm positioning device (manufactured by Innovative Medical Products), enhance arthroscopic surgery. He also holds patents for knee and shoulder arthroscopy, including a Universal Shoulder Positioner and fluid flow control. With multiple inventions in development and production, Dr. Alan Reznik's contributions continue to advance surgical practices.

“My excitement comes from the exploration of new ideas, refining old ones and discovering how overlapping knowledge from different fields helps seed advances and invention.”

- Dr. Alan Reznik

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Current Patents

Cannula System (device)

Patent no. 8,568,308 

This customizable, self-holding, space-retracting, arthroscopic cannula system (device) has an outer cannula and an inner cannula with leaflets attached to the end that can be cut or shaped to better hold the operative field open for vision and surgical instruments. This design helps facilitate many different kinds of surgery.

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Cannula System (method)

Patent no. 8,517,934

This customizable, self-holding, space-retracting, arthroscopic cannula system (method) describes how the cannula system can be used to facilitate surgery. 

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Arthroscopic Fluid Control Method

Patent no. 8,075,520

This method for controlling the flow of fluid during an arthroscopic procedure shows how the fluid control device should be set up to optimize fluid rate, direction and control for improved visualization during a procedure.

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Arthroscopic Fluid Control Device

Patent no. 7,785,287  

The arthroscopic fluid control device is attached to tubes carrying irrigation solution to form the system. The device controls the flow of fluid into and out of a joint during a procedure.

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Shoulder Holder for Arm Surgery

Patent no. 7,569,024

This holder is designed to support a limb, such as arm or leg, of a patient undergoing surgery. The freedom of movement allows flexing, extending, adducting, and internal and external rotation of the limb. An adjustable support extends from a vertical to horizontal with a full six degrees of freedom.

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Related Patents

Enhanced Search Results

Patent no. 10,572,556

This patent for enhanced search results allows group members working on the same project to have information about the search results of the other members, which may be different from or more specific than popular searches.

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Search Engine Results

Patent no. 8,326,862

This interface allows the user to indicate which results in a search are undesirable and remove them, eliminating unnecessary results.

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Commonly Desired Search Results

Patent pub. 2021/0026906 

This patent allows for a system to process a user's search history to generate relevant search results in the future. 

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