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As a multi-disciplined professional and investor in several fields, Dr. Alan Reznik plays a number of roles both in his professional career and personal life, supporting, advising, and investing in a multitude of business ventures.

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Current Partnerships


Co-Founder of XCylco in partnership with Freethink

Dr. Alan M. Reznik, in partnership with Freethink Inc., has founded a drug development company to create a new class of injectables for long term treatment of pain and limitations caused by osteoarthritis and inflammatory arthritis. The company's first application is planned specifically for knee arthritis pain and disability.

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Investor and Advisor for EnHatch Inc.

Dr. Alan Reznik was one of the original investors in EnHatch, a company devoted to developing AI prediction methods using Plain X-rays to find the best fit for orthopedic implants, enhance inventory control, speed surgery, decrease the cost of reprocessing instruments, improve logistics and reduce instrument costs. The company also developed Intelligent Surgery™, which is the use of artificial intelligence to enhance implant design, expedite surgical technique, optimize inventory logistics, and simplify clinical workflows by connecting and learning from patient data during each step of surgical care.

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Investor and Advisor for VuMedi Inc.

VuMedi is the provider of a video education platform intended to help doctors and surgeons share information and learn about diseases. The company's platform provides a video portal where doctors and surgeons can learn and practice medicine and patient care through a video-sharing website, enabling doctors to discuss the authentic and comprehensive information about the topics that matter most to them. Over ten years ago, Dr. Alan M. Reznik was one of the first investors in the novel approach to a truly international educational delivery for surgery, medical care, and the latest advances in new medications. 

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Scientific Advisor for ImageBiopsy Lab

AI in medical imaging is the one of the most promising areas of health innovation, developing at an accelerated rate. ImageBiopsy Lab was one of the first providers in the field of machine support for physicians in diagnosing with artificial intelligence. On top of the existing radiographic systems, ImageBiopsy Lab is constantly working on the development and implementation of new ideas. The goal is to revolutionize the healthcare sector by providing patient-oriented care, tailor-made therapies, cost reductions, and overall better quality of life for patients. Dr. Reznik was one of the earliest beta testers of the technologies for ImageBiospy in the clinical setting to help improve the user experience. 

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